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One woman's freedom is every woman's freedom

- My Rightness

My Rightness Female Empowerment

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My Rightness

My name is Ana Del Castillo, I am a Rightness Expert and Certified Coach, and I work with people who have it all but consistently feel like there’s something wrong.


Or worse, they feel dead and unsatisfied in their lives.


I work with them to discover and own their inherent passion and rightness so they can feel vital and alive again.

Maybe you know several people like this.  Perhaps you ARE someone like this. If so, schedule a free 45-minute session and start your path to happiness and satisfaction. 

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I teach women how to turn towards the places they believe are broken or wrong about themselves and make those places right.

From Lost, To Found.


Jacks B.

“If you are considering this, you came to the right place and you definitely should work with Ana. She’s unlike anyone I’ve worked with before!"

Dimitri M.

"My work with her has transformed my life not only spiritually but materially. Ana has helped me see my own worth which has allowed me to ask for what I am worth. Since working with her I am making 10 times more than I did a year ago."

Megan M.

"When I started working with Ana, I was successful but I felt stuck and I was genuinely unhappy...I am now so much more genuinely happy in my life and I love my job again. I am putting so much more of myself into my business."

Carla T.

"This past autumn I was fortunate enough to participate in an online women’s group led by Ana. I’d just made some huge and challenging changes in my life and was finally ready to take it to the next level. Her group felt supportive and encouraging, and the wisdom she offered was practical and golden - all about saying YES to yourself- to all parts of yourself."

Andrea C.

"When I came to Ana, I was on the verge of starting to work on my vision to serve the severely disabled - a vision inspired by my severely autistic son.  The work I did with Ana has shifted so much for me! The two most important things that shifted are leaving my past traumas behind in order to move forward. And the second thing that shifted is that instead of the barrage of self-criticism, I’ve finally fallen in love with the strong, compassionate, loving, and beautiful woman that I am."


There are times when a video is the best medium to communicate a thought, a feeling, an idea, or a message. Here is a compilation of some of those videos.



My courses have YOU in mind. They are a safe space dedicated to having your power and truth come all the way out.


Your job, should you take it on, is to bring all the places you feel stuck, the places you believe you are not worthy of love, and the places you stopped trusting yourself.


I provide FULL permission for you to meet yourself. In my courses, you will learn radical self-acceptance and Rightness. This allows deeper truths to come up and get healed in a space where you’re seen and loved. Come on to the greatest adventure of your life; the adventure of YOU.

Some of My Articles


I write! Sometimes, a lot, sometimes a little. Here’s where you will find my stories, posts, thoughts, good news, and companion ideas to the video content I put out daily. Enjoy!


When we empower women,
we empower everyone.

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