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To create a new life, you MUST build new ways of being. If not, it becomes too easy to slip back into old habits and patterns because your current life is set up for your old ways of being.

The kind where you:
✅ Struggle to speak up for yourself.

✅ Repeat the same patterns in your relationships and your life.

✅ Allow your inner critic to continue to squash your joy or freedom.

✅ Feel confused about how to properly love yourself.

✅ Feel helpless and/or powerless to cause the kind of change that would make a difference.

If you are ready for something different, then


Office Hours

You have a question; I have an answer!

Choose this when you need advice, guidance, or coaching on something, but it doesn’t require an entire coaching session.

Building Your Map

This package is excellent for highly complicated matters or clients who want to address and finally work through challenging and historically stuck pain points.

It is for people who have tried everything but have found that nothing has worked, and they need a ‘deeper deep’ with someone who knows the terrain of trauma.

Together, we will locate where you feel lost or broken and work our way out of your maze.