Sovereignty In Connection - A Relationship Group Program!

Sovereignty In Connection

An Online Group Program

With Ana Del Castillo and Ken Blackman

You love each other…

but you know how much better the relationship could be.

You want…

More connection. Better sex. More joy in the daily process of doing life together.

Less conflict, struggling to get your needs met, or issues that never resolve.

Well here’s something for you to know:

You are not the problem. Neither is your partner.

That’s the good news.

Good cooks work from a recipe, Great chefs innovate.

“When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is.” -Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse restaurant

  • Alice Waters pioneered what we now call California Cuisine, a style that emphasizes fresh local ingredients and seasonally driven menus.

  • When other restaurants relied on the restaurant supply chains, she went directly to the local growers and farmer’s markets.

  • Her menus changed daily, built around whatever had just been harvested at its peak.

  • Chez Panisse quickly garnered awards, a Michelin star, and a “Best Restaurant in America” nod from Gourmet magazine.

  • Her recipes are always in service of the ingredients, not vice versa.

The same applies to fantastic relationships.

Everything you’ve ever learned about relationships started with the relationship template—and encouraged you to compare, judge, and measure yourselves and each other based on the template.

You’ve never been shown how to craft—to co-create—your unique relationship built from the simple, perfect ingredients of who you naturally are as individuals.

A relationship that’s better than the one you’ve been trying—unsuccessfully—to pretzel yourselves into.

A relationship that benefits from your authenticity.

A relationship that’s extraordinary because “it tastes like what it is.”

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What’s Included

Group video calls twice a month with Ana Del Castillo and Ken Blackman—each focusing on a different aspect of intimate coupledom.

Ask questions or submit them in advance—make sure your areas of interest get attention even if you can’t make the call.

Office hours—schedule time with Ken and/or Ana for personalized attention.

A community of couples like you—becoming master chefs of their relationship and learning the nuances of sovereignty in connection. We will have a group for discussion (not on Facebook!).

LIMITED TIME: get a 30 minute coaching session with Ana & Ken—sign up by Sunday June 12, 2022 and receive a one-on-one coaching from us!

Some of the arenas we’ll explore and discover together:

  • Connection

  • Play

  • Relating passionately (without wreckage)

  • Following intuition (rather than rules)

  • Rightness, confidence, and self-esteem

  • Surplus, generosity, and levels of enthusiasm

  • Power

  • Enjoyment and pleasure

  • Complementarity and polarity

  • Gourmet sex and physical intimacy

  • Longevity and evolving together

  • Boundaries, safety, consent, and skillful violation

  • Life partnership—what it means to do life together

…and much more.


Live calls twice a month

Office hours

A community of other couples

Your investment for membership in the

Sovereignty In Connection Program is

$195 per month for couples,

or $100 per month for individuals.

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Q: “When do you start, and when are the calls?”

A: Calls will be the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 4pm Pacific time, and will run 60-90 minutes. We begin June 14th, 2022.

Q: “How long will the series run?”

A: It’s an ongoing monthly membership. You can cancel anytime. We’re requesting a minimum commitment of three months to see lasting shifts.

Q: “How do I graduate or otherwise exit the program?”

A: Whenever you feel done or complete, you’re welcome to cancel your membership and exit at any time.

Q: “I’m not in a relationship at the moment, is this program for me?”

A: As a single person, I myself would have benefited greatly from a program like this. It’s an opportunity to be actively engaged in the conversation of how great relationships work, and to witness couples in the process of upleveling.

That said, this is a learn-by-doing program. You will gain the most by taking what you’re discovering about the nature of intimate connection, and applying it for real with one or more other real human beings in real life. If you stay isolated, this will be more armchair philosophizing for you.

Q: “Can I join later?”

A: We will re-open the enrollment doors in a couple of months, but without the extra coaching session.

One more time:

Weekly live calls

Monthly combined men’s + women’s calls with Ana Del Castillo


Your investment for membership in

Sovereignty In Connection is $195 per month.

($100 for individuals)

>> Couples sign up here <<

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We can’t wait to work with you!